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What makes My-PaydayLoan.com the ideal place to go for your short term lending needs is our incredible network of direct lenders. You only fill out one loan request form and that is it. Once that is filled out we do our best to find one of our direct lenders who can finance you. This saves you time, energy and money by allowing you to stay in one place. You now don’t have to fill out multiple forms, give out your personal information several times, or travel to many locations just to find a short-term lender. Whether you need a payday loan, installment loan, or other short-term loan, we have many direct lenders to connect with you.

  • Step One

    Complete the online form.

  • Step Two

    You will have an immediate response. If you are approved, you will be connected with a direct lender that may do any of the following before releasing your funds:

    • Review your loan request further.
    • Request additional documentation if necessary.
    • Contact you by phone or email to review information submitted.
    • Notify you by email, mail, phone, or other means of your final approval or denial.
    • A lender may, at its discretion, run a credit check as well.
  • Step Three

    Once you have been approved for your payday loan, your assigned lender will advance you the cash you need via an electronic transfer to your checking or savings account.

    When the due date arrives, your advance will automatically be repaid, along with any fees and charges, through a direct withdrawal or debit from your bank account.

It is very important to contact your lender if, for any reason, you will be unable to make the full payment when it is due.